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Property conditions that could cause a slip and fall accident

On behalf of posted in Premises Liability on Wednesday February 25, 2015

Many people never think about the potential of being injured. This potential exists even when a person does everything in his or her power to stay safe. However, many times it is impossible to avoid hazardous property conditions. Anyone who has been injured in a slip and fall accident in Massachusetts due to a property owner’s negligence has the choice of seeking a legal remedy in a civil court.

One of the main causes of slip and fall accidents is directly tied to outside conditions. Sidewalks that are not kept clear of ice and snow can easily lead to injuries. Even if a homeowner does not own the sidewalks bordering his or her property, he or she could still be held liable if they present a danger to pedestrians. Beyond weather conditions, an uneven sidewalk or large tree roots could be potential hazards that can lead to serious injuries.

Indoors, wet floors are also known to be a hazard. On rainy days, for example, people tend to track in water, potentially causing a hazardous condition. There are, however, relatively easy remedies that a property owner can take to ensure the safety of visitors. These include using rugs that have a border that creates a gradual decline between the rug and a lower surface. Tape specifically designed for rugs can also be used to prevent tripping.

A property owner has a duty to remedy dangerous property conditions in order to protect a visitor from a slip and fall accident. Those who have been injured in such a manner likely know of the potential severity of such an event. Many victims in Massachusetts have sought to hold property owners liable for expenses related to such a fall, including lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.

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