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Reggie Bush claims slip and fall accident ended season

On behalf of posted in Premises Liability on Thursday January 21, 2016

For football players and other athletes, their physical well-being could determine the success of their athletic season and future professional prospects. In fact, many people in Massachusetts depend on their overall physical well-being to complete their personal and work responsibilities. NFL star Reggie Bush claims that his football season ended early because of an injury he suffered in a slip and fall accident caused by negligent property conditions.

The accident happened when Bush was returning a kickoff. His momentum from the run carried him through the sidelines behind his team’s bench. He claims that a concrete area behind the bench caused him to fall and suffer an injury to his knee. The injury, he claims, ended his football season.

In his lawsuit, Bush claims that another football player injured his shoulder on the area of concrete now dubbed the “concrete ring of death.” He further claims that defendants, including the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission and the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority, covered the concrete with a rubber pad just weeks after his injury. His lawsuit asserts that the defendants had an obligation to players and others to notify them about the dangerous surface conditions.

Property owners or managers have a responsibility to those who are lawfully on their premises. Failure to meet this responsibility could result in a slip and fall accident that requires extensive medical intervention and prevents the victim from fulfilling his or her job responsibilities. Those in Massachusetts who are injured as a result of dangerous property conditions often follow the same course of action as Reggie Bush; they seek damages in a civil court by filing a premises liability lawsuit. If negligence can be proved, victims could receive a monetary award while also prompting property owners to take appropriate actions to fix dangerous conditions.

Source:, “Reggie Bush Claims ‘Ring of Death’ Caused Knee Injury”, Joe Harris, Jan. 6, 2016

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