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Slip and fall accident can cause serious injury

On behalf of posted in Premises Liability on Monday January 9, 2017

Sidewalks and steps can often be quite useful. They allow the individual to walk along the street in Massachusetts without having to watch for traffic or walk up to a building that is raised above the ground. When using sidewalks and steps, one typically gives very little thought to safety concerns because it is generally assumed that he or she is safe. However, many sidewalks and stairways can quickly become breeding grounds for a serious slip and fall accident.

Slippery substances that are allowed to remain on sidewalks and steps can be a hazard for those who use them. During winter months, ice can accumulate and cause one to slip and fall. Throughout the year, other substances can also create hazardous conditions if left on the sidewalk or steps. For this reason, property owners typically take great care in making sure that the sidewalks and steps along their property remain clear and free of hazards.

Unfortunately, according to one apartment tenant, the owner of his apartment building failed to remove a hazardous substance from the sidewalk along his apartment building. As a result, the tenant slipped and was seriously injured. The tenant claims that due to this slip and fall accident he has accumulated medical expenses, lost income and endured pain and suffering. He has now filed a lawsuit against the property owner, claiming that the owner failed to properly maintain the property in a safe condition and failed to provide warning signs of the potential danger.

Massachusetts property owners are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their property. A slip and fall accident can happen quickly; it can also seriously injure the victim. If the accident is the result of a property owner not properly taking care of his or her property, there may be legal options available.

Source:, “Tenant sues property owner over slip and fall“, Michael Abella, Jan. 3, 2017

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