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Two Teens Died, One Critically Injured In A Boston Crash

Two teens died, one critically injured in a Boston crash

On behalf of posted in car accident on Wednesday March 13, 2024

(NBCboston)–A heart-wrenching Boston car accident unfolded in the early hours, claiming the lives of two teenagers and leaving two others injured. The tragic incident occurred around 3:15 a.m. on Morrissey Boulevard near the UMass Boston campus, involving a stolen car reportedly speeding through Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood.

The stolen Hyundai, later discovered to have been taken from Jamaica Plain earlier that morning, crashed with devastating consequences. Two boys, aged 14 and 15, lost their lives in the collision, while a 17-year-old remains in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. Another 15-year-old suffered minor injuries and was admitted to a Boston hospital.

The circumstances leading to the crash remain under investigation, and authorities have not released the victims’ names. Disturbingly, a firearm was found in the crashed vehicle. Law enforcement sources revealed that Boston police had initiated a pursuit of the stolen car before the tragic collision, although the pursuit’s exact conclusion is still being probed by state police.

The Massachusetts State Police reported that no other vehicles were involved in the crash, and the incident was witnessed by a trooper. Morrissey Boulevard experienced temporary closure for several hours due to the severity of the accident.

This heartbreaking Boston car accident underscores the consequences of reckless actions, emphasizing the importance of responsible driving to prevent such tragic loss of young lives. As investigations continue, the community mourns the devastating impact of this early morning collision.

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