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Woman claims failure to diagnose led to serious side effects

On behalf of posted in Medical Malpractice on Thursday October 9, 2014

Doctors spend years studying in order to provide expert, quality care for their future patients. However, they are human and are capable of making serious mistakes. These mistakes may take many forms, including a failure to diagnose, which can lead to serious consequences for the patients who trust them. Understandably, patients in Massachusetts could also fall victim to these errors.

One woman recently discussed her experience with being misdiagnosed for several years. While she states she was aware that she suffered from problems with her thyroid gland, it is unclear why she did not receive appropriate treatment for it. She reported that she was aware of the problem in 2002 but never received the correct treatment. She began experiencing more serious health problems over time.

In 2008, she sought help for difficulty breathing. Doctors purportedly diagnosed her with asthma. However, her symptoms continued to worsen. Finally, she was referred to a respiratory specialist who discovered she suffered from thyroid disease. She then had surgery to remove the gland after she became ill this past Spring.

She claims that all of the health issues she endured for years have been resolved, though she is now required to take synthetic hormones. She reportedly sought help from several doctors before finally receiving the correct diagnosis and treatment. Patients in Massachusetts are encouraged to seek qualified medical care, especially if they believe they were a victim of a failure to diagnose which may have resulted in them suffering greater harm. Moreover, they are also entitled to file a medical malpractice claim against the provider believed to be responsible for their greater suffering. This woman may choose to file a similar claim in order to seek recovery of some of the monetary losses she may have sustained due to the allegedly erroneous care she received over time.


Source:, “Woman undergoes several misdiagnoses before thyroid problem pinpointed“, Bobby Shuttleworth, Sept. 27, 2014

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