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Workplace accident could be case of wrongful death

On behalf of posted in Work-Related Deaths on Thursday September 24, 2015

Thousands of people in Massachusetts leave their families every day and report to work. They put in long, hard hours behind a desk, at a construction site, stocking shelves and in many other scenarios to support their families. While these workers know they may face some sort of harm while at work, they are also likely aware of precautions they can take to ensure their safety. However, if workers are not provided the necessary safety tools, or if equipment is faulty, their lives could still be at risk. In a situation where a person is killed at work due to malfunctioning equipment, filing a wrongful death lawsuit may be a viable option.

One out-of-state family may benefit from exploring this option. Unfortunately, they recently lost a loved one in a fatal workplace accident. The accident happened in mid-September at Mitchell Wright’s Recycling. Reports indicate that the victim was working on a forklift when it collapsed on him.

The 38-year-old man reportedly died at the scene. Officials are unsure what caused the collapse to happen. Authorities, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, are investigating the accident.

People in Massachusetts who are injured at work are typically entitled to workers’ compensation insurance benefits that provide for lost wages and medical bills. If an accident is fatal, these benefits typically extend to dependent family members. In some cases, a third party wrongful death lawsuit may also be appropriate. For example, the manufacturer of the forklift could be partially liable if a defect in the equipment led to the accident. Because of the complexity of such cases, it is often beneficial to have an experienced attorney examine the circumstances of the accident and help devise an appropriate legal response.

Source:, “Letcher County man killed in forklift accident”, Matthew Rand, Sept. 14, 2015

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