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1 killed, 2 hurt when each hit by a car in separate accidents

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Thursday December 4, 2014

Massachusetts police were kept occupied on the night before Thanksgiving. There were three different accidents in a short period of time where each victim was hit by a car. One of the victims died. While the majority of Boston families were celebrating the holiday together, three families were left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

The first report concerned a fatal hit-and-run in the early evening hours. The victim, a man identified as in his 40s, was struck by a vehicle whose driver did not stop to render aid. Police have asked for help in locating the car and driver involved.

The second incident occurred shortly after the first. The pedestrian, a 29-year-old woman, was hit by a vehicle as she was crossing in front of the Somerville District Courthouse. She suffered life-threatening injuries and was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital in critical condition. The driver who struck her remained on the scene. The third incident occurred just a few hundred yards away from the second accident and resulted in a 20-year-old man suffering serious injuries.

Massachusetts police have not yet filed any criminal charges against the driver in the second or third pedestrian accident as the inclement weather may have played a role with each victim that was hit by a car. The two victims who have suffered such terrible injuries may endure a long and difficult recovery — provided they survive. Even though police have not yet charged either driver, a personal injury claim based upon evidence of negligence may be appropriate in each circumstance. Moreover, once the driver in the fatal accident is located, the deceased victim’s family may elect to pursue a wrongful death civil lawsuit. Successful litigation of these types of civil claims often allows an accident victim — or the surviving family of a fatal victim — to recoup the significant financial damages that typically accompany these tragedies.

Source:, “Boston pedestrian killed; 2 others hit in Somerville“, Nov. 27, 2014

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