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Woman pleads not guilty to charges in pedestrian accident

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Wednesday December 10, 2014

One day after an arraignment hearing for charges of operating a vehicle under the influence and causing bodily injury, a female driver was back in court to answer to a charge of vehicular homicide. The charge stemmed from a Massachusetts pedestrian accident that injured a woman, her daughter and another child. The driver who allegedly struck the three pedestrians has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The driver, who was identified by her appointed attorney as an immigrant from a European nation, was arrested at the scene of the Monday evening accident. She was reportedly traveling over the posted limit of 30 mph when she hit the three pedestrians as they were crossing the street near the local public library. According to the report, the adult and an 8-year-old child suffered serious injuries for which they are being treated, while the 7-year-old suffered fatal injuries.

The driver was released sometime after the initial arrest. However, she was taken back into custody after the child died. Her second hearing before the judge resulted in a higher bail, along with stipulations with which she must comply while awaiting trial. She was ordered to turn over her passport and was restricted from leaving Massachusetts, driving a vehicle or ingesting any alcohol. She was also ordered to submit to blood alcohol testing on a random basis.

Although the driver in this tragic pedestrian accident is facing criminal charges and associated penalties if convicted, nothing can repair the harm that has been inflicted on this family. While the mother may fully recover from her physical wounds, the emotional scars left by the loss of her daughter may last forever. In addition to the emotional impact of the accident, medical expenses may play havoc with the family’s finances. Both the mother of the deceased victim and the family of the injured 8-year-old retain the right to file lawsuits against the driver if they believe her negligent act was the cause of their suffering.

Source:, “Driver in State Street, Springfield, pedestrian accident denies motor vehicle homicide charge following death of girl, 7“, Jack Flynn, Dec. 4, 2014

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