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A pair of pedestrian accidents reported

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Thursday February 14, 2013

In Boston, we understand that drivers are too often in a hurry and not always careful to look for pedestrians. Unfortunately, sometimes careless, hurried drivers will hit a pedestrian with the right of way.

That might well be what happened in an out-of-state pedestrian accident in which a Houston, Texas, man was hit by a tractor-trailer. He survived the December collision, but sustained “severe” injuries to his head, neck, back, shoulder and other parts of the body.

Earlier this month, the man filed a lawsuit against the truck driver and the company the trucker was driving the 1997 red Freightliner truck for at the time of the accident.

In court documents, the injured man argues that the truck driver failed to properly visually scan the street, failed to hit his brakes in a timely manner, failed to drive at an appropriate speed for conditions, failed to swerve and failed to operate his 18-wheeler in accordance with traffic laws or “in a reasonable and prudent manner.”

The accident victim is asking for at least $500,000 in damages and he has requested a jury trial.

In a separate case far from Texas, a 78-year-old Long Beach, California, man is facing charges that he ran a red light and hit a college student as she was crossing a street.

A police detective said the driver ran a red light and was speeding at the time of the collision.

Unfortunately, the detective also noted that the city is waiting to formally file charges because it’s possible that the driver will also be charged with vehicular manslaughter, if the woman succumbs to the injuries she sustained.

Let’s hope her recovery is swift and complete.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, “Houston resident sues Florida motorist for $500K over auto-pedestrian crash,” Feb. 7, 2013

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