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Alcohol a factor in possible wrongful death of Massachusetts man

On behalf of posted in wrongful death on Tuesday April 1, 2014

Traffic lights are an important component in safely navigating Massachusetts roadways. When the light turns red, traffic stops. From an early age, children are taught games to help them learn that a red light means to stop. Recently, a 25-year-old driver apparently did not adhere to basic Massachusetts traffic light laws. His alleged negligence has ended in the apparent wrongful death of a 42-year-old father.

Traffic was stopped at a red light. As the 25-year-old driver approached the traffic light, he reportedly decided to go around the car that was stopped at the light. Reports indicate that he also went through the red light and collided with the victim’s SUV, throwing the gentleman in the SUV from his vehicle. He was transported to a nearby hospital where he later died. Additionally, the driver who ran the red light and his passenger were both injured in the accident.

This driver has been arrested for drinking and driving as well as vehicular homicide. According to reports, the driver’s blood alcohol level exceeded the limit at which he could legally drive. Court records also indicate that this driver was on probation and not allowed to drink alcohol as one of the probation conditions with respect to an earlier case.

The alleged negligent actions of one man has taken a father away from three children. This grieving family must now adjust to the emotional and financial turmoil this accident has caused. In an effort to seek partial recovery from this tragedy, it may be in their best interests to file civil litigation for wrongful death with the Massachusetts court system.

Source:, “Brockton man faces OUI charge in fatal crash”, , March 26, 2014

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