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Wrongful death suit could stem from Massachusetts accident

On behalf of posted in wrongful death on Wednesday March 26, 2014

When a fatal accident occurs, it can sometimes take an extended period of time before the situation can be settled. In many cases, investigations must be done and court proceedings must take place. As a result, family members of accident victims may have wrongful death claims pending for some time before they can be fully addressed.

A Massachusetts family may soon have their claim considered by the court after the driver involved in a fatal accident pleaded guilty. The situation began in 2011 when the accused man was driving under the influence and crashed into another vehicle. The second vehicle had a male driver and female passenger inside. The male driver suffered fatal injuries and was later declared dead at an area hospital. The female passenger also suffered serious injuries.

Reports state that the accused man had a blood-alcohol level of .21 and had been traveling 19 miles over the speed limit. He pleaded guilty to the charges he faced and has been sentenced to a year in jail as well as other penalties in relation to the fatal accident. There are other civil suits against the driver pending that will likely be addressed in the near future.

Because the driver pleaded guilty to the offenses relating to the fatal accident, the chances of success for a wrongful death suit could increase. The family of the victim may wish to learn more about their legal situation and what steps that may need to take as their situation proceeds. Information on Massachusetts state laws relating to their situation could provide helpful knowledge.

Source: The Daily Item, Lynn man sentenced in fatal crash, Cyrus Moulton, March 19, 2014

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