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Fatal Massachusetts car accident could prompt wrongful death suit

On behalf of posted in wrongful death on Thursday March 20, 2014

What may have started as a quick walk around the neighborhood ended tragically for a 55-year-old Massachusetts woman. The woman was killed while walking down the street in an area that was just minutes from her home. Her family could potentially file a wrongful death lawsuit in response to the tragedy.

According to reports, the woman was walking on the sidewalk when the accident occurred. A 66-year-old man from out of state was leaving a local auto maintenance store and turned left to enter the roadway. As he did so, he ran his vehicle into the woman, and her body became trapped under his car. He then briefly dragged the woman down the street before he realized what had happened and stopped the vehicle.

The woman suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash. She was taken to a Massachusetts hospital for treatment. She was later pronounced dead there.

Police say they are continuing to investigate this accident. At the time of this report, no criminal charges had been filed against the driver of the car who allegedly ran into the woman and caused her death. Police have not yet released his identity to the public or the media.

Regardless of whether criminal charges are ever filed against the man who allegedly caused the death of the woman, he could still face civil action. The surviving family members of the woman who died retain the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Nothing will bring back the loved one they lost, but a successfully litigated claim could provide financial accountability for the man who reportedly took her from them.

Source: The Republican, Police release identity of Springfield woman struck and killed on Boston Road, Patrick Johnson, March 14, 2014

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