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Brockton truck accident shakes neighborhood, 1 man injured

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Friday October 5, 2012

At 7:45 in the morning, Belmont Street in Brockton is a busy road. Belmont is the same street that had the serious bicyclist accident in our post earlier this week.

The speed limit might be 35 miles per hour, but witnesses to a recent truck accident say that a green Ford F-150 may have been traveling up to 70 miles per hour when it crashed into a parked red Ford F-150. The 28-year-old driver of the green pickup truck was seriously injured as a result.

According to news reports, the 28-year-old may have been unconscious at the time of the accident. The red pickup truck was unoccupied.

Witnesses report that the green pickup flew into the air. When it crashed, it was suspended between the top of the red pickup truck and a utility pole. Judging by the photo images in the news report, the cab of the truck appears to be six feet in the air. The red pickup was totally mashed and both trucks were rammed into a three-story apartment building. Although the walls rattled and the building was damaged, no tenants were injured.

So what caused the crash? And who may be at fault? That is under investigation although a few clues were reported. The initial report indicates that the 28-year-old was unconscious at the time of the crash. His driver’s license and a commercial driver’s license were both revoked under a Massachusetts clause called “immediate threat.”

A license revocation in a case such as this may be unwarranted if the accident was due to an underlying medical condition such as epilepsy. If the man was personally injured and lost consciousness due to improper medical treatment, his physician could be held liable. If the man ignored doctor’s warnings, then the 28-year-old could have been held liable if he had injured anyone else.

Whenever there is a serious car or truck accident such as this, the negligent party can be held liable for the personal injuries suffered by anyone else.

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