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Car accident in Massachusetts injures four

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Wednesday August 21, 2013

Intersections are often a key place for accidents to occur, especially if a traffic light is not located at the intersection. These accidents can be very serious, or even deadly, if a driver is not fully alert while operating their vehicle. On Aug. 6, a Massachusetts intersection became the location of a serious car accident recently.

After the accident occurred, two women, one who lived by the intersection and one who stopped to help because of her medical training, stayed with and talked to the three people who were trapped inside the car until emergency personnel arrived and were able to free them from the wreckage. Unfortunately, neither woman witnessed the accident. However, one woman heard the crash and the other woman happened to drive by after the vehicles had come to rest.

The occupants of both vehicles were injured during the collision, and were all transported to different hospitals. No details regarding the injuries each person suffered was provided, except to say they were serious. The current condition of the crash victims is unknown.

When the final investigative report regarding the car accident is complete, the victims of the crash may exercise their right to seek monetary compensation from the party or parties deemed responsible under Massachusetts law. Compensation of this type could be awarded to help with any medical bills that were accrued by the injured parties during their time in the hospital, as well as for any additional medical attention they may require. In addition, the victims could lose income while they are unable to work due to their injuries. Hospital bills and lost wages can often build up and cause stress on a person, but if compensation is awarded these people could focus on recovering.

Source:, “Four hurt in crash on Brockton-Abington line,” Amy Carboneau, Aug. 6, 2013

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