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Car accident in Massachusetts leaves 5 people injured

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Friday January 3, 2014

Accidents happen every day on the various roads that wind through the United States. These accidents can leave some of the victims injured and can often leave all of the victims with emotional injuries as well. These injuries sometimes take longer to heal and can make it harder for the people to return to their normal routines. Unfortunately, a car accident in Massachusetts left numerous people with injuries recently.

The accident occurred on Dec. 29 when two cars were involved in a head-on collision. The two drivers who were involved were both 37 years old. One of the drivers was accompanied by her two children, 6 and 9 years old, and her mother as well. The other driver was the only one in her vehicle.

All of the individuals who were traveling in the two vehicles received serious injuries from the accident. They were all transported to hospitals for medical treatment soon after the collision occurred. The cause of the accident was not known immediately after the accident. The police are still investigating the collision and any contributing factors that may have factored into the crash.

Once investigations of the car accident are completed by Massachusetts police, the victims of the collision may be eligible to seek monetary compensation for their injuries. This type of compensation could be used to pay for any medical bills that resulted from the accident as well as help support the victims while they recover. This can allow a victim to focus on healing and returning to their normal life as soon as possible instead of worrying about new bills from the hospital or other related expenses.

Source:, Head-on crash seriously injures 5, Jaclyn Reiss, Dec. 29, 2013

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