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Car accidents can lead to personal injury claims in Massachusetts

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Wednesday June 28, 2017

A violent impact led to a Massachusetts roadway being strewn with debris recently. The incident, like many car accidents in our state, came at the busy mid-day as people rushed to enjoy their lunches or to get to their afternoon appointments. When the violence ended, one man was dead and another was being treated at a local hospital.

According to early reports about the car wreck, only two vehicles were involved. They appear to have been traveling in opposite directions, as the crash was reported to have been head on. Witnesses also report that at least one of the drivers was speeding and driving erratically just prior to the event. There were only two people — the two drivers — involved in the car accident.

It is unclear which of the drivers will be at fault for the violent crash. This will be determined by police after their investigation. However, if witness reports are correct and one of the drivers was driving erratically and speeding, that individual may be found to have caused the damages that resulted from the incident. If that driver was the person who survived, the at-fault driver may find that he or she is liable for losses related to the death of the other driver. Any recovery would be for the loss suffered by the survivors of the deceased victim.

In Massachusetts car accidents in which the at-fault driver who causes the incident perishes, but their victims survive, it is the estate that may be found liable for the damages caused. In each situation, the economic losses suffered by victims and survivors may be addressed in a personal injury claim against the individual responsible for the incident. An award can be of great help to those who find that they have unexpected expenses after this type of incident.

Source:, “1 dead in violent 2-vehicle crash, police say“, June 27, 2017

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