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Passenger van accidents often have numerous victims

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Tuesday July 18, 2017

Transporting numerous people at a time on the roadways of Massachusetts often requires the use of a larger vehicle, but a coach or bus may be too large. A 15-passenger van may be just the right size to transport a small group, but doing so does come with certain risks. Passenger van accidents often cause injury to numerous people, and some of those injuries could be serious or deadly.

Some people believe that driving a 15-passenger van does not require any additional skill than driving a smaller passenger vehicle such as a car or minivan. However, these larger vans do not respond the same way, and without the proper training, a driver could make a costly mistake. Due to their size, passenger vans do not stop as efficiently either, so speed should be kept at a safe level. Driver and passengers alike should wear seat belts as well to potentially reduce injuries if an accident does occur.

Controlling such a vehicle may not be as much of a challenge with only a few people in it, but when there are 10 or more passengers in it, the circumstances can quickly change. Adding any additional weight by putting items on the roof will only increase the danger. Due to the amount of load on the tires, their pressure should be checked often.

Being a passenger in a large van forces you to rely on the driver to have taken all of these issues into consideration, but that reliance could prove futile. If you suffered serious injuries in such a vehicle, you may be entitled to restitution for your injuries and other damages. As is the case in other passenger van accidents, you will need to establish negligence through appropriate evidence before a Massachusetts court will consider awarding you damages that could help with your financial losses.

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