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Fatal car accident leaves Massachusetts man dead

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Monday July 31, 2017

There were three vehicles involved in a recent tragedy on a Massachusetts highway. The fatal car accident occurred on a warm summer evening in Worcester. As they met at an intersection, the crash happened.

Reports indicate that the driver of a eastbound motorcycle struck a westbound car near an intersection. A news report did not indicate which driver may have been at fault. The violence of the impact forced the motorcycle into a second car, which was also westbound.

The motorcycle driver, a resident of Webster, was transported to a local hospital. He was pronounced dead there due to the massive chest injuries he suffered in the fatal accident. Now, police are left to investigate the incident to determine which of the three drivers caused the tragic crash. They began by interviewing the drivers of the cars, who remained at the scene after the incident. If a detailed review of the gathered evidence suggests that either of the car drivers were at fault, the surviving family members of the deceased biker may choose to purse a wrongful death claim in a Massachusetts civil court.

A personal injury claim often comes after a fatal car accident in Massachusetts. These claims can come from injured parties or from the survivors of a victim of a fatal incident. Such claims can include awards for wage loss and medical bills. These monetary awards can help those who have suffered as a result of this type of car accident recover, at least economically, more quickly and fully.

Source:, “Webster motorcyclist dies in Worcester crash“, Mark Sullivan, July 23, 2017

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