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Car hits 5 other vehicles and slams into restaurant

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Friday June 6, 2014

Authorities reported that a June 4 accident in Barnstable involved six vehicles and a restaurant. Reportedly, the incident transpired in the parking lots of two restaurants located on Route 132.

Barnstable police confirmed that a car was in the parking lot of a seafood restaurant when it backed into two vehicles. Subsequently, the car accelerated through a fence that separated the seafood restaurant from another restaurant, charged into the second restaurant’s parking lot and struck three more vehicles before coming to a stop in the entryway of the second restaurant.

According to authorities, at least one person suffered injuries requiring hospitalization in the incident. The identity of the driver was not clear immediately following the event. Nor is clear if police plan to file charges or issue citations in connection with the incident.

There are many possible causes for auto accidents like this one, in which motorists appear to drive erratically. While many of these accidents can be attributed to driver-related factors, such as drunk driving, others may prove to be the result of defective auto parts, such as a sticking accelerator pedal. If, hypothetically, the preponderance of evidence from this particular case were to indicate that a faulty auto part was responsible for the accident, those who suffered damages as a result may be eligible to file a personal injury claim against the responsible manufacturer.

If successful, the victims may be awarded financial compensation for medical bills, property repairs, lost wages and other damages stemming from the accident. In order to prevail, the claimants in such a suit would have to prove to a civil court that the manufacturer of the faulty auto part should be held responsible for the accident.

Source:, “Car Crashes into Five Cars, Friendly’s Restaurant in Hyannis“, Chris Caesar, June 04, 2014

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