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Could Massachusetts plane crash result in wrongful death claim?

On behalf of posted in wrongful death on Saturday June 14, 2014

Air travel has had a tremendous influence on how most perceive the world. Where before it may have taken days to weeks to arrive at faraway destinations, that time has been reduced to mere hours. However, there is a huge burden of responsibilities on the shoulders of those who pilot these planes, and safety checks are not an extraneous chore. A recent plane crash in Massachusetts could possibly end in claims of wrongful death after preliminary reports suggest a required systems check was not completed.

The plane that crashed before it could become airborne was a Gulfstream IV and was owned privately. Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board have not completed a thorough review as of yet, but they have stated that recorded data suggests that the pre-flight system check was not carried out before the plane was brought down the runway. All activity that goes on in the cockpit is monitored and saved for review in the event of an accident.

The report has also revealed that there may have been a mechanical issue with a component of the plane’s take-off system. One official with the NTSB has claimed that the mechanism that controls the lifting of the plane’s nose for take-off was not functioning properly. This official stated that the switch was activated correctly, but the part itself did not respond. A safety consultant stated that this type of malfunction would most likely be found if a flight check was carried out before take-off.

The plane never gained altitude and all of the passengers, including the co-owner of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Lewis Katz, as well as the crew perished in the crash when the plane plowed down an embankment and then caught fire. While the investigation into this Massachusetts tragedy may take months to finalize, the families of those who died may find little comfort when the cause is officially announced, especially if it is disclosed that the crash could have been prevented. While such an action may as of yet be premature, the survivors left behind may contemplate the filing of wrongful death suits in the event a responsible party or parties are identified as a way to receive recompose for the financial losses that may be incurred as a result of this tragedy.

Source:, “NTSB report: Crew failed to do flight check before takeoff in fatal crash“, , June 13, 2014

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