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Fatal car accident in Massachusetts kills 2

On behalf of posted in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents on Thursday December 19, 2013

Injuries and fatalities caused by drunk driving accidents are always tragic, especially since they could often easily be avoided. Unfortunately, this widespread problem takes the lives of a countless number each year despite the best efforts of many organizations. This mistake can rip a family to shreds emotionally and leave a lasting impact on the loved ones of the victim. Unfortunately, a fatal car accident in Massachusetts recently killed the daughter of the driver as well as another driver involved.

The accident involved two different vehicles, killed two people and injured three others. The two deceased victims were the three-year-old daughter of the driver who caused the accident and the driver of the other vehicle, a 71-year-old. The accident occurred on Dec. 7 when the driver at fault crossed the center line and struck an oncoming car.

The injuries from the accident included the driver, a passenger in his vehicle and a passenger of the 71-year-old man. The responsible party was charged with both driving under the influence and vehicular homicide. The current condition of the two separate passengers is unknown.

No matter what the outcome of the criminal case of this fatal car accident is, the family of the deceased victim may want to seek some type of reimbursement for the loss of the Massachusetts man’s life. This restitution could be used to pay for any of his final expenses and could even provide the family with a sense of justice. This can often help a family begin to cope with the loss.

Source: The Republic, Springfield man charged with causing crash that killed toddler daughter held on $100,000 bail, No author, Dec. 9, 2013

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