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FDA approves machine that may aid some with spinal cord injury

On behalf of posted in Spinal Cord Injuries on Monday July 7, 2014

There has been a new medical aid that may be able to help some who have been disabled to obtain a little more independence. The Food and Drug Administration has just recently given its approval to an implement that may assist some of those who have suffered a spinal cord injury to achieve limited mobility. Undoubtedly, there are some patients in Massachusetts who may be interested in this new invention.

The machine, named, ReWalk, has been described as a type of external skeleton. It is a motorized machine that fits over the legs and back of those who have been paralyzed and unable to walk. There is a backpack component that stores the power source and a motor that controls the movement of the machine. Additionally, there is a remote that is worn on the wrist to send commands to the device’s mechanism.

The machine employs a steel frame with mechanical joints at the knees, hips and ankles so that the patient can sit, stand and walk. When the patient is trained in the use of the unit and given added support, they may be able to move around the interiors of their homes and even their community at large. There are some whose injuries may not be suited for the device, including those whose spinal column is not stable or who have other medical conditions that would prevent the use of the machine. However, for those who may qualify, this breakthrough may allow some measure of independence.

This machine is the first to receive the FDA stamp of approval for the express purpose of aiding the mobility of those patients who have suffered a spinal cord injury and may have been confined to a wheelchair. There are an estimated 200,000 people in this country who are living with this type of injury, though the causes of their wounds may vary. However, those patients in Massachusetts who have suffered this type of injury as a result of another party’s negligence may have recourse to seek monetary relief through the successful pursuit of a personal injury suit.

Source:, “First Motorized Device Approved by FDA to Help People With Spinal Cord Injuries to Walk“, Benita Matilda, June 27, 2014

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