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Massachusetts attorneys can help after workplace accident

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Thursday April 9, 2015

People across the state of Massachusetts report to work every day. They work hard to support themselves and their families. Most are professionals who want to ensure their own personal safety, as well as the safety of their co-workers, and, as a result, they strive to follow all health and safety recommendations. Unfortunately, accidents with expensive ramifications still occur. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, you are likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation is insurance provided by an employer. In the event of a workplace accident, the benefits provide compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation, and in the case of a fatal accident, funeral expenses and other survivor benefits. Unfortunately, the compensation process can sometimes be complicated and difficult to navigate.

Fortunately, the attorneys at Dane Shulman Associates, LLC, can help you fight for the benefits to which you are entitled. We can also help you fight for damages if a workplace accident was caused by a negligent third party, such as in the event of a car accident. Our attorneys are experienced, competent and willing to fight for you regardless of whether you are filing an initial claim or appealing a denial.

The time period following a serious accident should be a time devoted to recovery. As a result, the last things an injured person or grieving family should have to deal with after a workplace accident are stacks of paperwork and difficult insurance companies. We can examine your workers’ compensation claim and help ensure you are treated fairly in accordance with Massachusetts law.

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