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Man injured in workplace accident loses arm

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Tuesday April 7, 2015

It is in the best interest of employers in Massachusetts and across the country to ensure the safety of their employees. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, a serious workplace accident can still occur resulting in serious injury or death. One man recently lost his arm after such an accident.

The accident happened in late March at Rana Meal Solutions, an out-of-state company that makes pasta and sauces. According to reports, a 25-year-old man’s arm was caught in an industrial mixer. Rescue workers spent 45 minutes attempting to extricate the man from the equipment. In order to do so, they used equipment normally used in accidents involving motor vehicles.

Once freed, the worker was transported by helicopter for treatment. His condition is unclear. Accidents such as this typically trigger an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. If an investigation reveals violations of standards meant to protect the health and safety of employees, the company could face a fine.

While an investigation could potentially protect other employees from falling victim to a similar workplace accident, the outcome may do little to help the injured man’s current situation. The necessary treatment will likely result in expensive medical bills. Additionally, he may never be able to return to work in the same capacity. While this incident occurred out of state, those in Massachusetts who suffer in similar accidents are likely covered by workers’ compensation insurance benefits. Such benefits provide compensation for medical treatment and lost wages, but some people unfamiliar with the process have sought additional assistance to help ensure they receive a fair settlement.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Elgin man loses arm in industrial accident“, Janelle Walker, March 29, 2015

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