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Massachusetts car accident claims life of man in rented van

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Thursday July 18, 2013

Holiday driving is always a test for travelers’ patience but usually nothing more serious than delays are encountered. However, for one man that was on a Massachusetts roadway during a recent holiday, the journey ended with a fatal car accident. The man was a victim in a three vehicle wreck in which the truck that is suspected of causing it left the scene. The accident resulted in injuries to six other people, including reportedly one child.

The accident is said to have occurred when a driver of a pickup was apparently trying to merge into the eastbound lanes on a bridge when it hit the front passenger side of another truck. The vehicle that was hit then veered into the opposite travel lane. A rental van that was being driven by a man was struck and propelled into a guard rail. The van driver was killed on impact. The driver of the second truck was thrown out of his vehicle and was seriously injured.

The driver of the first truck has not been located. Police have apparently requested information about a dark truck with damage to the driver’s side. The second truck driver was transported to a local hospital but the nature of his injuries or the injuries suffered by the other five people have not been released. The deceased victim was an Israel national. Traffic on the bridge was stopped for hours after the collision.

This car accident ended in the tragic death of one man and serious injuries for at least one other. The toll that this accident has taken on the victims and their families is enormous. Not only will the one family have to cope with the loss of their loved one, but all involved with have the burden of lost wages, medical expenses and possible long term care and rehabilitation for the survivors. Massachusetts victims and their families can seek relief from some of the extraordinary financial costs inflicted by such tragedies. There are resources available to help these families decide what legal steps may be necessary to pursue claims for wrongful death or personal injuries

Source:, “Israeli man killed in hit-and-run crash in Mass.,” July 05, 2013

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