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Massachusetts car accident fatal for 65-year-old woman

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Tuesday July 16, 2013

Car accidents happen everywhere. In Massachusetts and elsewhere, wherever roads are located, there is a possibility that a car accident will occur. When a collision becomes more serious than the average fender-bender, the problems can quickly become greater than trading insurance information. Serious injuries and even death is, unfortunately, a tragic outcome of many accidents, particularly those that involve a tractor trailer or other over-sized motor vehicle.

In early July, a tractor trailer and a small Chevrolet sedan collided on a local roadway in Holyoke. Soon after the car accident occurred, crews arrived and cleared the roads, which led to traffic becoming congested. The driver of the tractor trailer stayed on scene and suffered no major injuries.

Unfortunately, the driver and passengers of the sedan were seriously injured. The driver of the car was a 65-year-old Hinsdale resident and was pronounced dead after EMTs arrived. The two passengers were apparently the deceased woman’s grandchildren, one of which was 15 years old and the other 17. They were taken to Baystate Medical Center with injuries described as serious. No further update on their condition was provided.

The Holyoke Police and a Massachusetts State Police accident reconstruction crew were working to determine what caused the accident. The grandmother’s family retains the right to pursue wrongful death and personal injury litigation for her death and the grandchildren’s injuries. If the evidence suggests the truck driver negligently caused or contributed to the fatal car accident, any financial compensation awarded could be used to not only cover medical expenses for the two hospitalized females but also help cover the final expenses for the grandmother. Though no amount of money will ever fully compensate for the tragedy, compensation could ease the financial strains that inevitably accompany a serious motor vehicle collision.

Source:, “Police Identify Woman Killed in Holyoke Accident,” July 4, 2013

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