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Massachusetts car accidents: 2 injured in wrong-way crash

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Monday January 18, 2016

Despite the effort that is put into providing information to drivers in Massachusetts about how to be a safe driver, there is often little that a person can do to protect him or herself from the negligent acts of others. Unfortunately, people are injured or killed in car accidents every day. Police are currently investigating a wrong-way accident that sent two people to the hospital.

According to reports, a vehicle was traveling the wrong way in the northbound lanes of a Massachusetts roadway. As a result, two cars collided. The drivers of each vehicle, a 20-year-old female and a 27-year-old male, suffered critical injuries in the collision.

Both of the vehicles involved contained only one occupant. At this time, police are unsure which car was traveling in the wrong direction, but the investigation into the incident is likely ongoing. The road was opened after the accident prompted a closure lasting two hours.

It is unfortunate that the two people are now possibly facing a long road to recovery. Based on the reports, it appears that one person’s injuries were caused through no fault of his or her own. Many people injured in car accidents such as this often face significant medical bills, and some are unable to work during their recovery, making their financial situation even more precarious. Fortunately, there are legal options available to help those injured as a result of another’s negligence seek recompense. An experienced personal injury attorney can help such victims better understand their legal options.

Source:, “PD: 2 Critical After Wrong-Way Crash on Rte. 128 North“, Tim Jones and Noelle Graves, Jan. 12, 2016

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