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Massachusetts driver accused of causing bus crash

On behalf of posted in Commercial Vehicle Accidents on Thursday May 22, 2014

Buses are often a popular way for many individuals throughout the United States. This means that bus drivers are often held to a higher standard of safety then normal drivers. When this standard is not met and the operator drives in a negligent manner, it can result in dangerous situation that quickly turns into an accident. These accidents can seriously injure those involved and alter their lives for an extended period of time. Unfortunately one bus crash in Massachusetts resulted in the injury of numerous people recently.

The accident took place on May 18 and involved one commercial bus. The events leading to the accident are unknown at this time, but the mishap left the bus hanging precariously over a bridge. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the accident and transported the driver of the bus along with seven passengers to the hospital with injuries that were said to be not life-threatening.

The current condition of the victims is unknown at this time. The driver of the bus was cited for numerous violations; however, these may change as the investigation continues. Massachusetts police are investigating the accident at this time to attempt to find the exact cause of the accident, or what factors may have contributed to it.

Once the investigation of the bus crash has been completed, the victims of the bus crash may have the right to seek monetary compensation. Compensation could be used to pay for any of the victims’ injuries. This could allow the victims to focus on healing instead of new bills from the hospital.

Source: The Boston Globe, “Investigators looking into whether driver of bus that crashed in Newton was using cellphone“, Martine Powers and John R. Ellement, May 19, 2014

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