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Massachusetts man injured on the job in serious condition

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Monday September 22, 2014

Every job carries a certain degree of risk, no matter how many precautions the employee may take. However, there may be some occupations that are inherently more dangerous and may result in a worker being injured on the job. Jobs that require a worker to ascend ladders pose a greater danger, as one Massachusetts man knows only too well.

The man, who is employed by Comcast cable, was on-site at a residential building around 11 a.m. on a recent weekday. He was reportedly working on wiring for the cable system while approximately two-stories above the ground. For reasons that are not yet clear, the man experienced trouble while on the ladder and fell.

As he fell, his head apparently struck a retaining wall. Emergency crews transported the injured man to a nearby medical facility.  Authorities with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were informed of the accident and sent representatives to the accident scene.

There were no other details provided regarding the current medical condition or the prognosis for the man who suffered injuries. Provided his injuries are survivable, he will likely require considerable time to recover from his wounds before being able to return to work. The Massachusetts workers’ compensation program is in place to provide employees who have been injured on the job with monetary benefits in order to help make ends meet while they are injured. In the event of a fatality, death benefits are typically paid to the surviving family. Professional assistance is available to ensure that the necessary paperwork is filed appropriately and to navigate through the often complicated claims process.

Source: The Boston Globe, “Comcast employee injured in 2-story fall in Somerville“, Trisha Thadani, Sept. 10, 2014

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