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Massachusetts man seeks compensation after spine, head injury

On behalf of posted in brain injury on Monday March 28, 2016

There are times when a person realizes that he or she is at risk for an injury. However, a person parked in a car in a legal parking spot likely feels fairly safe from suffering harm. One Massachusetts man will likely always question his safety after he was injured when a crane struck his parked car while he sat in it. Claiming that he suffered a spine and head injury, he has recently notified the city where the incident occurred of his intent to sue.

The incident occurred in February. The 73-year-old man was waiting for his daughter to leave a doctor’s appointment when his car was struck by a crane. Construction workers in the area claim that a gust a wind caused the crane, that was in the process of being lowered at the time of the accident, to fall. In addition to the injuries this man suffered, two other people were injured, and one person was killed.
A representative for the man claims that the City of New York, where the accident occurred, could have prevented the accident. Because weather forecasts indicated that there would be fierce winds in the area that day, he asserts that it should have taken additional precautions, including lowering the crane before the winds began. Additionally, the man claims that city officials should have cleared the streets of pedestrians and motorists while doing so.

The Massachusetts man alleges that although he was once active, he is now left seeking help with simple tasks such as entering a doctor’s office as a result of the head injury, among others, that he suffered in the accident. He has notified city officials of his intent to file a lawsuit seeking $30 million. Because of the long-term implications of an injury to a person’s head, many people struggle with the costs of medical treatment. If an injury was caused by another’s negligence, as this man claims is the case in his situation, a personal injury lawsuit may be an appropriate response.

Source: New York Daily News, “Man injured in Manhattan crane crash will sue city for $30M“, Barbara Ross, March 18, 2016

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