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Massachusetts park incident may lead to premises liability case

On behalf of posted in Premises Liability on Monday May 11, 2015

People in Massachusetts are likely ecstatic that a particularly difficult winter has come to an end and the weather is starting to warm. Many people have begun to take advantage of the warmer weather by taking their children to area parks. Unfortunately, after an accident that injured two children and could ultimately lead to a premises liability case, some parents may be concerned about their children’s safety in public parks.

Late one evening in early May, witnesses at the Massachusetts park claim that children were playing underneath a tree in a park. They suddenly heard a cracking noise. The tree then crashed over, striking two children who were playing underneath.

Reports indicate that the two children, ages 2 and 8, suffered serious injuries, including a fractured skull and damaged ear. Officials are unsure at this time what may have caused the tree to fall. Other trees in the area are reportedly being checked to ensure there is no danger of them falling as well.

It is likely difficult to understand the horror the parents of these children felt after learning that a seemingly innocuous activity such as playing in a park could result in a serious injury to their child. Filing a premises liability case in a Massachusetts civil court could help with the costs associated with the injuries suffered in the accident — as well as other damages — if the case is successfully presented. Such an action could also prompt the caretakers of the park to take action to ensure that no one else is injured in such a manner.

Source:, “2 children seriously injured after tree falls in Chelsea park“, May 5, 2015

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