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Massachusetts legal help following dog bite

On behalf of posted in Premises Liability on Thursday May 7, 2015

Many households in Massachusetts and across the country have pets that are considered part of the family. While a pet, such as a dog, may behave one way for its family, its behavior could be unpredictable around strangers. In some circumstances, dogs have been known to attack an innocent bystander, often with no provocation. Anyone who has been attacked by a dog likely knows of the damage that a dog bite can cause.

Depending on the severity of the attack, the victim may require immediate or even long-term medical care. In some cases, plastic surgery may also be necessary. Unfortunately, dog attacks often cause more than just physical wounds. Many people development post-traumatic stress disorder and may require psychological counseling to deal with the mental ramifications of an attack, for example.

In some cases involving an attack by another person’s dog, people may not know what to do to ensure that they are able to afford adequate treatment. If you have been injured in a dog attack, turning to the the attorneys at Dane Shulman Associates, LLC, could help you plan an appropriate course of action. We can help you seek all of the compensation you will need to cope with the aftermath.

dog bite can cause serious injuries. Fortunately, under Massachusetts law, a victim does not have to prove that an owner was negligent. By letting our attorneys negotiate for you, you can focus on your recovery rather than stress over medical bills and the other financial ramifications of the attack.

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