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Massachusetts pedestrian accident kills 1 and injures another

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Friday November 8, 2013

The victim of a pedestrian accident can often be left with physical injuries or even killed, but the unseen emotional scars that the victim or family can be left with are much more demoralizing. That emotional pain can be amplified if the person who caused the accident does not stop, but instead drives away and leaves the victim there to die. Unfortunately, one such pedestrian accident in Massachusetts recently took the life of one person and left another injured.

The accident occurred on Oct. 29 when a man struck the two victims with his sport utility vehicle and then proceeded to drive off. However, after police were able to identify the address of the driver due to a fallen license plate at the scene, the man turned himself in an hour later. The driver of the car was charged on the following day for leaving the scene of a deadly accident. His bond was set at $10,000.

The deceased victim was pronounced dead at the hospital, while the other victim was treated for his injuries. The two people were husband and wife and were walking along the road when the accident occurred. The prognosis of the injured man is unknown.

Even if the driver of the SUV is not criminally charged, the husband may have the right to seek monetary reimbursement. If restitution is awarded as a result of the pedestrian accident, it could be used to pay any hospital bills that he has acquired, along with any of his wife’s final expenses. This could allow the Massachusetts man to focus on healing instead of rapidly growing debt.

Source:, Mass. man arrested in fatal hit-and-run accident, No author, Oct. 30, 2013

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