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Massachusetts woman injured in pedestrian accident

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Thursday November 21, 2013

Roads can be dangerous for those who are securely in a vehicle, but for pedestrians who have no protection surrounding them, the risk is greatly increased. The negligence of those who operate a motor vehicle on public roads can sometimes have tragic outcomes that can end in the injury or even death of other persons. Unfortunately, a pedestrian accident in Massachusetts recently injured a woman.

Authorities indicate that an unidentified vehicle hit a 42-year-old woman on Nov. 8 around 11 p.m. State Troopers found the woman lying beside the road soon after the occurrence was called in. The car that hit the woman was nowhere to be found.

The woman was transported to a nearby hospital and received emergency surgery for her extensive injuries. She suffered serious injuries from the accident. According to police reports, the woman was not walking near any cars, but was actually walking in a well-lit location at the time of the accident. Investigations are still underway by Massachusetts State Troopers to find the driver of the motor vehicle that hit the victim.

If the driver who struck the Massachusetts woman is caught, the victim may have the right to seek compensation for the extensive injuries she received from the pedestrian accident. This type of compensation could be used to pay for medical bills while providing the woman with some sense of justice for the crimes committed against her. This sense of justice as well as the medical treatment could help this woman recover and return to her life as soon as possible.

Source:, Woman seriously injured in Mass Pike hit and run in Blandford, Dave Canton, Nov. 9, 2013

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