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Massachusetts police investigate fatal car accident

On behalf of posted in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents on Tuesday May 5, 2015

When people get together with their friends, it could lead them to engage in behavior that is out of the ordinary for them. Unfortunately, even if a person feels like their behavior is basically harmless, such behavior could have serious consequences when it involves a motor vehicle. For example, police in Massachusetts are now investigating a fatal car accident that killed two people and injured several others.

Police say that they initially noticed a vehicle containing five passengers in the early morning hours of a day in late-April. According to reports, the car was in a residential area when the driver began honking the horn. When police approached the vehicle, the driver of the car allegedly refused to stop.

After what has been described as a pursuit, the car reportedly crashed into a utility pole with such force that car parts were strewn across the street. The pole was broken into two pieces. Two of the car’s occupants, a male and female who were both 21, died at the scene. Three other occupants, including the driver, suffered serious injuries but are expected to recover.

While the accident remains under investigation, the surviving victims of the fatal car accident and the family members of the deceased passengers may be considering their legal options. Unfortunately, many people coping with the ramifications of another’s negligence must also deal with the financial consequences, including medical bills, lost wages and funeral expenses. Regardless of whether criminal charges are filed, the victims have the option of filing a civil case in a Massachusetts court. If negligence can be proved, they could be awarded monetary damages.

Source:, “2 dead, 3 injured in Avon car that crashed fleeing police”, April 27, 2015

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