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Massachusetts residents beware of a slip and fall accident

On behalf of posted in Premises Liability on Monday August 8, 2016

The average Massachusetts resident recognizes the warning signs. Even though they may be in the form of a plastic yellow stand or an orange cone, they mean the same thing – be careful. Whenever there is a known hazard, businesses should place a warning sign marking the area in an attempt to prevent a slip and fall accident until the problem can be taken rectified.

Businesses are responsible for maintaining their environment in a manner in which the public will remain safe. This is why they make sure that carpet is tacked down, loose tiles are fixed and spills are cleaned up in a timely manner.  If these problems are not addressed, it is possible that someone can be injured.

Recently, a man in another state filed suit against a fast-food restaurant, claiming that he was injured in a slip and fall accident while he was dining there. Records indicate that there was liquid on the floor outside of the men’s restroom. The man was unaware of this, stepped in the puddle and fell. As a result, he asserts that he has suffered various injuries, including to his neck and back.

In this case, the injured party has filed suit, claiming that the restaurant was negligent in not properly warning customers of the danger until it could be cleaned up. While most Massachusetts businesses do their best to prevent a slip and fall accident, it can still occur. If one is injured in this manner, an experienced attorney will be able to help navigate the legal options available in dealing with medical expenses and loss of income as well as pain and suffering.

Source:, “Man claims that he was injured in slip and fall in a Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen“, Carrie Bradon, Aug. 3, 2016

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