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Massachusetts woman accused of causing multiple car accidents

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Tuesday October 6, 2015

Motor vehicle accidents happen in Massachusetts every day. Most drivers involved in an accident remain at the scene as police arrive to sort out the events leading to the accident. However, police in Massachusetts claim that one woman fled from the scene of two different car accidents before a third collision caused her car to stop. She has since been arrested and faces multiple charges.

The series of accidents occurred one evening in late September. Police claim that a vehicle driven by 35-year-old woman initially struck several vehicles. One of the vehicles, a parked sports utility vehicle, was reportedly struck head on, causing a male occupant to be ejected. He suffered potentially life-threatening injuries as a result.

Reports indicate that the driver fled the scene, failing to obey a stop sign in the process, causing her vehicle to strike another sports utility vehicle. Instead of stopping, witnesses claim that the driver of the car accelerated, eventually coming to a stop after striking a parked pickup truck. Police claim that they noted a strong odor of alcohol when they arrived at the scene. All five of the sedan’s occupants — including two children who were reportedly not restrained appropriately — were transported to the hospital for treatment. The woman now faces charges, including drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident, among others.

The injured victims of these car accidents may require a great deal of medical attention in order to recover. Unfortunately, some may never be able to fully recover. Accident victims may also face additional stress as a result of medical bills, and their financial situation may be further complicated if they must miss work as they focus on their recovery. As a result, many in Massachusetts turn to the civil court for justice. If it can be proved that the car driver’s negligence caused the accident — a claim that would be strengthened by a conviction of criminal charges — she could be ordered to pay damages to the accident victims.

Source:, “Winthrop woman allegedly flees 2 car crash scenes“, Sept. 27, 2015

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