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Massachusetts worker seriously injured on the job by chainsaw

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Wednesday October 25, 2017

Workplace accidents can happen in any number of ways. Those regularly performing tasks involving manual labor may be at a higher risk of injury than those who do not. One Massachusetts tree worker was recently severely injured on the job while using a chainsaw.

Few details have been released regarding the cause of the incident. However, reports indication that the accident occurred while the worker was cutting trees at a local condominium complex. For reasons that are still unclear, the chainsaw he was using caught in his clothing. The blade of the chainsaw cut into the upper portion of the man’s leg.

The worker suffered serious injuries in the incident. A police officer who was first on the scene performed first aid and applied a tourniquet to the worker in order to stop the bleeding. The fire department arrived soon after and administered further treatment. The worker was first transported to a nearby hospital and then flown to another area hospital by helicopter. His current condition is unknown.

In addition to the unexpected medical bills, employees injured on the job may miss work for some time and face lost wages in the aftermath of an injury. To help cope with these expenses, workers may choose to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Anyone interested in learning more about this type of claim could consult an experienced Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorney for more information and assistance. Additionally, an attorney could provide guidance and support throughout the legal proceedings. In some instances, an injured victim may also have grounds for a third party personal injury claim in civil court.

Source: Falmouth, MA Patch, “Falmouth Chainsaw Mishap: Tree Worker Medflighted“, Jason Claffey, Oct. 19, 2017

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