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News: 2 Kids, 2 Adults Hurt In Crash Near Eagle Park In Lowell 

News: 2 kids, 2 adults hurt in crash near Eagle Park in Lowell 

On behalf of posted in blog on Wednesday May 24, 2023

LOWELL, MA – Four people were hospitalized for their injuries after a two-vehicle crash near Eagle Park Tuesday. 

The collision took place at the intersection of West 6th Street and Coburn Street, WHDH reported. Police did not reveal the specifics of what led to the crash, but they did say that one adult and two children were transported to a local hospital while the other adult was airlifted to one. 

The force of the crash prompted a shattered windshield and a destroyed passenger car door; debris could be seen everywhere around the junction. 

Police are investigating the rest of these details. 

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