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Pedestrian accident in Massachusetts injures 3

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Thursday April 3, 2014

Negligence is a major problem that plagues the roads that wind through the United States. Negligent acts by drivers can quickly create dangerous situations that do not give anyone enough time to react. These situations can result in the injury of the driver or those around them. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in Massachusetts recently injured three individuals.

The accident took place on the afternoon of March 26 at a Massachusetts airport. The incident occurred after the driver, a 53-year-old woman, pulled up to the pickup line of the airport and stopped her vehicle. Soon after she stopped her vehicle, the automobile jumped over the curb and struck the three victims. The victims included a man who was 61 years old and two women who were 25 and 62 years old.

Emergency personnel arrived on the scene soon after the accident took place and transported the three victims to the hospital. The condition of the injured victims was not stated, and their current condition is unknown. The accident is still being investigated by Massachusetts police.

Regardless of whether the woman driving the vehicle faces criminal charges for her involvement in the pedestrian accident, the injured victims may have the right to seek monetary compensation. Compensation could be used by the victims to pay for any hospital bills resulting from the accident, as well as help supplement their income if they are unable to work. Hopefully, this could allow the three victims to focus on recovering from their injuries instead of worrying about new hospital bills.

Source:, “Police ID victims of Logan Airport car crash”, , March 27, 2014

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