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Pedestrian accident leaves three injured in Massachusetts

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Wednesday July 5, 2017

Walking along a busy roadway should be a safe and easy part of any pedestrians day in Massachusetts. However, in some cases, that safety can be shattered when a car smashes into those walking along. This is what happened recently to a group of three people that were involved in a pedestrian accident.

A report about the pedestrian accident that was filed just after the crash tells the story of three people who were walking on a road in Massachusetts on an early summer evening. The trio, for reasons that are as yet unclear, were struck by a driver who was travelling in the same direction as the walkers. The driver stopped at the time of the wreck and remained while awaiting assistance for those who were injured.

All three of the pedestrians suffered injuries in the crash. One was injured so badly that she had to be flown to a local trauma center for treatment. A second victim who was also seriously injured was able to be driven to a local hospital. The third victim’s injuries were slightly less severe, though required treatment.

A pedestrian accident can be life changing for victims in Massachusetts and elsewhere. The impact of car into a human body can cause severe injury that can result in many months of recovery and a loss of the ability to work for a period of time. When that is the case, those who have suffered can seek help from a claim against the driver that struck them. Such a claim can lead to an award that can help cover the financial losses incurred. This makes the recovery slightly easier, though the physical and emotional loss can be as severe as the economic ones.

Source:, “Three pedestrians struck and injured in East Falmouth“, Emily Sweeney, June 28, 2017

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