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Pedestrian struck by vehicle in Massachusetts

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Thursday June 12, 2014

According to Natick police, a car hit a man loading landscaping equipment into his pickup truck’s bed, leaving him with significant head injuries. The pedestrian accident occurred on Speen Street on June 7, reportedly.

The man was airlifted to the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester for treatment, police said. The head injury reportedly involved a ‘lot of bleeding,” but the extent of the man’s injuries was not immediately clear in the aftermath of the incident. Police did indicate that the head injuries were significant.

Purportedly, there were two occupants inside the car that struck the man, and both suffered injuries in the crash. Reportedly, there were no skid marks left behind on the road where the collision occurred. Police commenced an investigation into the incident. Moreover, police expect to file charges against the driver of the car, authorities reported.

A head injury can result in memory loss, changes in personality, mobility impairment and several other issues. Individuals who suffer head injuries often require surgery, multiple hospital stays and long-term medical care. In addition, the injured individuals must take significant time off from work while they recover.

However, accident victims may seek financial compensation for all of these damages stemming from their head injuries in civil court. By retaining a personal injury lawyer and filing suit against the parties responsible for the accident, victims might be awarded restitution for hospital bills, the expenses associated with rehabilitation and therapy, prescription medicine costs and even lost wages.

To prevail in such a lawsuit, the accident victims must demonstrate to a civil court the specific damages they suffered as a result of the crash. The personal injury lawyer may advise them as to what materials to obtain or keep as evidence, such as medical records, hospital bills and witness statements.

Source: NECN, “Person struck by vehicle in Natick, Mass.“, June 07, 2014

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