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Serious head injury possible for 2 women hurt at TD Garden

On behalf of posted in brain injury on Monday March 10, 2014

Hockey games are sometimes thought to be fairly aggressive affairs as two teams battle it out to determine a winner. The violence is usually confined to the hockey rink, however, and does not tend to involve the fans. Two women who spent the end of a recent game at a Massachusetts hospital — each with a possible head injury or other physical damage — might dispute that claim.

The women were hurt at a hockey game that pitted the Bruins against the Washington Capitals. The injury was caused when netting installed to offer protection to the fans sitting behind the goal came loose and fell. The women were hit by the pole used to support the netting. It is not clear at this time what lead to the accident.

Both women were taken to a Massachusetts hospital. One suffered injuries that required the use of a neck brace. The other was removed with the help of a stretcher. An update on their condition was not available at the time of this report.

The camera of a professional photographer who was working at the game sustained damage, but the man was not injured. He tweeted a photo of his broken equipment, saying the camera might just as easily been his head. He then wished the best for the two women who suffered injuries.

Ironically, the netting that fell is used to offer protection. Its use became mandatory about 12 years ago in response to the death of a fan who was struck by a hockey puck. If either of the two women suffered a serious head injury or other physical damage when the netting fell, they may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the owner of the arena at which the accident occurred. If successful, any resulting compensation could be used to cover the medical bills and lost income that occurred as a result of the unexpected accident.

Source: CBS Boston, Protective Netting Falls, Injures 2 Women At TD Garden, Facebook, March 6, 2014

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