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Teen injured on the job has arm reattached in Boston hospital

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Tuesday June 3, 2014

Many times, people have a tendency to dismiss today’s teenagers as being disaffected and not engaged in life around them. However, many of these young people are hardworking and have made a positive impression on all who cross their paths. One such young man has encouraged many around him after having been injured on the job and suffering a potentially life-changing wound. The boy was treated at Massachusetts General Hospital after being injured on-the-job in another state.

The 17-year-old was cleaning up during his shift at a restaurant in his hometown. As he started to clean a pasta machine, his arm became entangled in the device. Tragically, his arm was severed by the machine.

Instead of panicking, the boy had the presence of mind to apply a tourniquet to his arm. He then retrieved his detached limb and quickly summoned help. Within minutes, the teen was taken to the nearest hospital. Once there, the decision was to made to transfer him 300 miles to Mass. General in an effort to save his arm. After a marathon surgery, and then several follow-up procedures, the young worker and his arm are reunited.

The doctors are optimistic that he will live a fairly normal life. All who have spent time with the boy have marveled at his good attitude and optimism in spite of having suffered such a frightening injury. This employee is likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits as a result of having been injured on the job in New York. Massachusetts workers also normally qualify to receive these same benefits whenever they are hurt while working. There are resources that are available to provide assistance whenever an employee encounters difficulties when filing a claim for benefits.

Source: The Boston Globe, “For a New York teen, an injury on the job, a limb severed, a limb reattached at Massachusetts General Hospital“, Catalina Gaitan, May 17, 2014

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