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Teenager making strides after suffering spinal cord injury

On behalf of posted in Spinal Cord Injuries on Wednesday January 7, 2015

Getting the dreadful news that their child has been in a serious car crash is likely most parents’ worst nightmare. When that accident has resulted in the victim suffering a spinal cord injury, those fears understandably escalate, as they wonder if their loved one will ever recover. There are likely some Massachusetts families who have had to endure this terrible ordeal.

In June 2014, a serious car accident left a teen girl with several traumatic injuries. One of the most severe was the damage she suffered to her back. The accident caused her to suffer fractures in five sections of her vertebra. She was transported by medical helicopter to a trauma center that specializes in head and spine injuries.

More than six months after the wreck, the teenager is proving her doubters wrong. She and her parents were initially told that she would probably never walk again. However, she is taking strides every day to do just that. According to a news story on which she was featured, she also seems to have successfully recovered from a serious head injury.

While this young victim may eventually regain the ability to walk and resume life as once lived, not every accident victim is so fortunate. Many of these victims are relegated to using wheelchairs or other devices to get around, especially if they and their caretakers are not able to access the optimal care and resources. If a Massachusetts victim suffered a spinal cord injury or other debilitating wounds through the negligent actions of another party, he or she or the family may wish to consider filing a personal injury suit. If enough evidence exists to support a successful case, the victim may be awarded compensation in order to ease the burdens caused by the monetary losses he or she has sustained as a result of an accident.

Source:, “Aspen teen battles back from catastrophic accident“, Deborah Takahara, Dec. 28, 2014

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