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Tour bus driver to be charged in Boston crash that injured 33

On behalf of posted in Commercial Vehicle Accidents on Thursday April 11, 2013

Massachusetts state police announced earlier this week that a tour bus driver involved in the February accident on Soldier’s Field Road that injured 33 passengers will be criminally charged.

You might recall that the Pennsylvania tour bus slammed into a bridge overpass on its way home from a visit to Harvard University.

The 67-year-old Philadelphia driver will face charges of driving to endanger, failing to obey a sign on a Department of Conservation and Recreation roadway, and operating a bus on a Department of Conservation and Recreation roadway.

In the immediate aftermath of the accident, the driver and tour bus company owner reportedly blamed a faulty GPS system for the mishap that resulted in serious injuries to several passengers and one severe injury to a 17-year-old boy.

The bus rammed into a 10-foot-high overpass on February 2.

State police and the Suffolk District Attorney’s office investigated the crash and said they found that the driver had failed to pay attention to warning signs prohibiting buses from traveling on that section of the road where the accident took place.

The owner of the Philadelphia-based Calvary Coach had said the man at the helm of his bus is “a very good driver” who was not to blame for the 7:30 p.m. crash.

He and the driver reportedly blamed the vehicle’s GPS system for failing to warn the driver of the low overpass.

Police said the road is marked with yellow warning signs for commercial vehicles.

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Source:, “State police to charge tour bus driver for February accident in Boston that injured 33,” April 9, 2013

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