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Two from Fall River in Dartmouth motorcycle accident

On behalf of posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Friday April 13, 2012

An early spring can mean more people out enjoying a motorcycle ride. It can also mean more motorcycle accidents. Sadly, that was the case for a man and woman from Fall River, Massachusetts, who were involved in an accident in Dartmouth.

According to news sources, there was a report of a serious motorcycle accident near Sharp and Milton streets in Dartmouth. Two motorcyclists were seriously injured — a man and a woman, both 32-years-old. They had either struck or been struck by a Mercedes driven by a 69-year-old man.

The accident was reported at about 4:40 p.m. When the authorities arrived at the scene they observed that the Mercedes driver and his passenger were uninjured and the two motorcyclists had suffered severe injuries after being thrown from their motorcycle. The two injured individuals were airlifted to a New Hampshire hospital.

The 32-year-old man was pronounced dead at the hospital and his female passenger is listed in critical condition.

At this time there is little information about the cause of the crash, other than it is being investigated. Apparently the Dartmouth Police Accident Reconstruction Team will be attempting to determine the events that led up to the motorcycle accident.

Should the Mercedes driver prove to be at fault or negligent, the 32-year-old woman and the family of the 32-year-old man can pursue litigation to obtain compensation for damages, including pain and suffering.

In this case, if the woman regains consciousness, her accounting of events may conflict with the Mercedes driver and the car’s passenger. In those instances, an accident reconstruction team may be needed to piece together the actual series of events that led to this fatal accident.

Source: The Herald News, “Fall River man dead, woman critical following Dartmouth motorcycle crash,” April 5, 2012

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