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Woman injured in Massachusetts police chase crash

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Friday August 15, 2014

On Aug. 11, a woman was involved in a crash with a vehicle that was being pursued by police. The incident occurred around 7 p.m. in Burlington. Police say a minivan drove off when an officer attempted to approach a vehicle that was idling in a handicapped parking space at the Burlington Mall.

The minivan reportedly had license plates that were registered to another car, and the 42-year-old man fled from officers when he noticed them. He was allegedly traveling at speeds up to 80 mph, and officers say that the minivan attempted to hit a police cruiser at one point when the man drove in the wrong direction down Cambridge Street. A police officer then reportedly fired two shots at the vehicle but missed.

Approximately 100 yards down the street, the minivan hit two cars, including one occupied by a woman and her two children. The woman suffered undisclosed injuries, and her children were uninjured. She is expected to recover. After the crash, the man allegedly tried to flee on foot but was later apprehended. Police report that the man was in possession of several fraudulent credit cards and high-end merchandise. He was arraigned on Aug. 12, and he is facing attempted murder charges in addition to other charges.

When an individual is injured in a car crash, he or she could be facing high medical bills and lost income during their period of recuperation. An attorney could assist the victims of an accident in making an informed decision about filing a personal injury claim against the responsible parties. An attorney could also help by acting as an intermediary in dealing with insurance companies, which could be a complicated process.

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