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Workers’ compensation could aid families of deceased workers

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Tuesday October 3, 2017

There may be many different ways a Massachusetts construction accident can happen. Sometimes these incidents may occur in ways that no one can anticipate. When a worker faces a serious injury or is killed on the job, the worker or his or her family is entitled to file for workers’ compensation or death benefits. A family in another state may consider filing after a man was killed in an explosion on the job.

Officials state that the man was doing painting work on a home under construction when an explosion occurred. Witnesses claim that they heard the blast and saw the fire before the house collapsed. Authorities believe that a propane tank outside the home exploded, leading to the resulting damage.

Witnesses said that they could hear the worker yelling that he was trapped and hurt from inside the house. The local fire department responded to the scene. Tragically, the worker did not survive the accident. The State Fire Marshal’s office is still investigating the incident and is looking into the home’s propane system as a potential cause.

Whenever an employee is killed on the job, his or her family may be entitled to file for death benefits on behalf of their loved one. When successful, this could provide monetary benefits that could be used to help pay for medical bills, funeral costs or any other related expenses. Any family who has lost a loved one while on the job could consult an experienced Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorney to obtain more information and assistance.

Source: CBS Boston, “Worker Killed Inside NH Home After Explosion“, David Robichaud, Sept. 19, 2017

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