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Employees injured on the job may benefit from workers’ comp

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Monday August 28, 2017

Many Massachusetts residents rarely have to worry about workplace accidents. Those performing jobs that require manual labor, however, are often more likely to face the risk of being injured on the job. A worker in a nearby state was recently seriously hurt at his job on a construction site.

Officials said that the man was part of a building crew working on the construction of a new home. The men were pouring concrete for the foundation of the home when the accident occurred. For reasons that are still unclear, the truck pouring the concrete shifted. This caused the arm of the truck from which the concrete is pumped to hit the worker in the head.

The worker is said to have suffered head, face and leg injuries in the incident. A helicopter was called in to transport the man to the hospital. Several agencies, including the state police and fire marshal’s office as well as the local branch of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, are now working together to investigate and to hopefully prevent such an accident in the future.

In addition to the unexpected medical bills this worker may now face, he may also miss an extended amount of time from work that could result in lost wages. However, he may choose to file a workers’ compensation claim in an attempt to receive insurance benefits that could help offset such expenses. Anyone injured on the job could seek out an experienced Massachusetts attorney to obtain more information and assistance in filing such a claim.

Source:, “Man seriously injured while pouring concrete in Goshen“, Kaitlyn Naples, Aug. 22, 2017

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